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                                                        a    Rejuvenative pruning technician

Rejuvenative pruning provides...

one of the quickest, surest ways .. to bring your landscape ..

          to   it's most gorgeous natural beauty.

Skilled rejuvenative pruning immediately takes the plant specimen back to it's

individual variety,   natural open display form.

When done skillfully, rejuvenative pruning will take a landscape.. to a viewing

where your plant specimens fit naturally and comfortably within the limits of space allowed..

but still have a 360 degree fully open show of healthy growth.

This provides specimens free... of the dense dark twiggy underlayer of the common thin green layer of leaves covering a dark mass of twigs forming  simple monotomous gepmetric shapes. which are the results of the vast majority of landscape maintenance personell's so called pruning techniques

This displays your plant's most beautiful  inherently graceful natural form.

Prior years damage is eliminated and inner form disease is cleaned out as form is developed... leaving you specimens of unblemished showing.

This pruning reuvenation.. will bring your plants to the  exct mode of maximum foliar regeneration across the entire plant with a georgeous natural display soon emerging.

                                                                                  A soils and plant technician

Leafwhisper provides effective methods of plant root system revitalization.

Revitalization which engages and optimizes a plants entire root system..

efficiently providing prescribed thorough ammendment to a plants entire root ball.  This feeds, loosens and aciivates the plants entire root system and soil bio-community in any setting.  This includes the problematic heavy clay soils of the Hillsborough area.  This engagemant of a plants entire root ball is like taking an engine which is only operating on several cylenders .. to running on all cylinders..  allowing maximum nutrient uptake and life extending vitality.  When done in conjunction with rejuvenative pruning, a landscape's plants are brought to a state of regeneration and optimal visual display.

As a plant technician......   leafwhisper can quickly and accurately provide effective correction to your landscape plants... environmental, nutritional,

infestation and disease problems.  with my understanding of plant growth cycles , seasons and soils.. I can target bloom or growth to provide a landscape of   colorful floral blossoms.. on beautiful foliage......  isn't that what you are really looking for in your landscape?



Thru 15 years of direct landscape development  experience... 

                    Leafwhisper can...

                                          knowledgeably select,

                                                  deftly place,

                                                          ..and sustainably install..  site enhancing plants ....to provide perceptive focal point accentuation.

                                                                                        * xeriscape/drought landscaping is an area of our current development./

                                                                                         *On-going restorative / detail maintenative  service is also available.

              Hello...  I am Tim Kennedy.. I am delighted by helping plants...  if you enjoy beautiful plants like I do...  send me a note.

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